Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Region 6 Championships wraps up a successful Show season!!

I will finally be heading home (to Boise) tomorrow after a short segue following the Region 6 Championships. My truck decided it needed some extra attention and an early Christmas present, and demanded all new fuel injectors. Now I have much more get-up-and-go!
The Regionals went very well for me and my team. Juniors Ashley Holmes and Paige Haas had several good rides in Second level. We are looking forward to lots of hard work over the fall to prepare for Juniors next year! Very exciting! Amateur rider Barb Sparks earned one third and two fourth places in her (very large) classes, including one qualifying score for First level for next year.
Charismatique had three very nice tests, scoring mid-60s at Third level. He was Reserve Champion in the NW Third level open and barely Third in the Great American Championships. My "catch-ride" for the weekend, Lauralei, had two very nice tests at Fourth level, scoring in the mid-60s both times. She was Reserve Champion in the NW Fourth level open and barely Third in the Great American Championships. Not bad considering I've only ridden her probably 10 times total since mid-May. Her owner has done a super job of keeping her going at home and improving her pirouettes. :)
Everyone handled the nasty, rainy Seattle weather very well. I was VERY impressed with Donida Farm's footing and their renovated facilities. The footing was absolutely solid, and with the exception of a few holes in the warm-up arena, extremely safe. That says alot, given the amount of rain we had.
Now is the time to relax and think about goals for next year. And they are BIG goals!! More to come later...