Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trip to TEXAS!!

I just got back from a great trip to Texas, where I went on a horse-buying trip with a client. It was only a couple of days, but the weather actually was decent, the horses were quite nice, and we had a great time being entertained by the Texas "culture"!
Ok, so imagine nonchalantly walking into a Wal-Mart to find some beer, only to be morally shunned by the checker who piously declares, "we don't sell THAT here!" I swear, she even crossed herself. Evidently, we were in a "dry county". This is a concept with which I was unfamiliar, until that fateful day in Texas. They don't serve beer, but they serve their morality straight up! And these are the same crazies that are totally against gun control. Can't buy a beer at Wal-Mart, but you can get an AK-47!
My favorite was the Texas draaaawwwwwlll...some of those people actually made me anxious, as if I would forget how their sentence began by the time they were finished with it! It is really difficult to hold a conversation with someone when you are forgetting how their sentences began. I think my anxiety might have also resulted from them talking SOOOO slow, that I just felt really fast and anxious talking at a normal speed. Kind of like driving a car at 80 mph, thinking you're going really fast, then being passed by some BMW going 100+, and then thinking you're really slow!
On the plus side, I have perfected my Texas accent. You know, it is really difficult not to talk with a Texas drawl down there. I swear, anything you say is more entertaining when you use the accent. Try it, it's a fun game! (Probably better with a few beers, but you'd have to be in the right county for that.)
The horses were at Garner Creek Farm, located in the Middle of Nowhere, Texas, (ha, I mean Ranger). It is a fairly large Hanoverian breeding operation, and a very good one at that. Sharon Garner stands the stallion Bonheur (who is from Brentano II) and has quite a few very nice imported horses and horses she has bred herself. It was great to see such a nice operation, with beautiful barns and friendly (and knowledgable) people. Even if it was in Nowheresville.
We flew back today, on New Year's Eve. Nothing like spending the holiday rushing from airplane to airplane. We even got to finalize the day with a bomb scare at the Boise airport, which kept my client from her checked luggage. We tried to get around the cops, but they were ready for us. Me, I dun' got outta dodge and took the truck home!

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