Wednesday, March 30, 2011


All the other competitors started arriving today on the show grounds; it is always amazing to me how busy this place can get, particularly after how quiet it was yesterday! The horses have settled in very well, Monkey finally stopped screaming and spinning and decided maybe he would eat something. I rode today as well, all the horses were on good behavior considering everything (particularly Monkey was surprisingly focused and workmanlike). The weather was fantastic, mid 80s and sunny all day; I have to say I am less interested in how the show goes and more interested in being in the sunny warm weather for a few days! I took Mom to the airport this evening, she's headed back to PDX. My other stall cleaner :) flies in tomorrow around noon. Ran into several other Northwesterners who have made the trek down to this show, I think everyone is a little more chipper when they aren't being rained on incessantly. ;) Mom and I met some very 'shiny, happy people' at Starbucks this morning, I swear, you can't get that degree of happiness without some sort of chemical means. More later!


  1. Sounds like it was good to get there a day early. Glad to hear that even Monkey has settled. Enjoy the sun and thanks for keeping us all informed. Love your description of the Baby Jake!! haha
    Cheers and go kick butt!!

  2. Don't they put Prozac in the water down there? ;) Have great rides!