Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2012 Idaho Dressage Festival a huge success!!

Last weekend's Idaho Dressage Festival was a huge success for my clients and my horses.  I was thrilled with everyone, they have all improved so much from last year and were able to showcase their improvement at the show.  I broke my personal record for number of tests ridden in two show days with 14...8 rides on Saturday and 6 on Sunday.  Whew!  Here is a brief summary of the results:

  • FiveStar HW (owned by Cynthia McKim, ridden by Heather): 75.6% Training level test 3 (including a 9 on gaits) and 7.6 in first FEI 4 year old test (including an 8.0 on the trot) on day one, 7.3 in the second 4 yr.old test and 73.2% Training level test 3 on day two
  • Quite a Star (owned by Michelle Surkamer, ridden by Heather): 66% Training level test 3, 68+% Training level test 2, 64% Training level test 3
  • Victor (owned and ridden by Heather Oleson): 69+% in both the Intermediare I and Prix St. Georges
  • Bolero (owned by ZoeAnne Arrington, ridden by Heather): 73+% in First level tests 2 and 3 on day one, including 8s on gaits and 8.5 on rider position/seat, 65+% on day two in First level test 3
  • Charismatique (owned by ZoeAnne Arrington, ridden by Heather): 69.5% in Developing Horse Prix St. Georges (including a 71+% from one judge) and 66% in Intermediare I
  • Beth Harris and Samorano: 61 and 63 in Fourth level tests 1 and 2 on day one, 62 in Fourth 2 on day two
  • Paige Haas and Donegal McSweeney: 58 in Fourth 1 on day one, 62 in Fourth 2 on day two
  • Barbara Sparks and Wolcott: 62 and 64 in Second level tests 2 and 3 on day one, 58 in Second 3 on day two
Congratulations to everyone on a successful first show of the season!!  I'm so proud of everyone, and have to extend a special "thank you" to Paige Haas for helping everything to run so smoothly over the weekend!

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