Monday, February 25, 2013

Gearing up for April California trip!!

After what seems to be an abnormally long winter, I'm very much looking forward to my upcoming trip to California.  This year I decided to attend the Del Mar National CDI in late April, since it is an observation competition for the USEF coaches.  I'll be taking the two FEI horses, Victor and Majek ("Charismatique") as well as the young horse Bolero who needs the experience anyhow.
My first stop is Santa Rosa, California, to attend a Conrad clinic.  I'm hoping this clinic will give me a much needed boost for the two FEI horses, who are going well but could always go better.  I especially want to focus on the GP work, which is coming along but not sufficiently "there" for competition.  It is one thing to get a decent passage, or a line of one-times, but a whole 'nuther thing to get it reliably well and when you want it!
From there I will head to San Diego for a week or so before the show, which will be a nice break for me (only 3 horses to ride, not 8-10 a day!!).  I'm still debating about which classes I will enter, but likely I will show the two FEI horses in the CDI short tour and Bolero in second level.  I was really hoping to be further along with them by now and ready to move to the next level, but such is training. 

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