Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting ready for show day tomorrow!!

Today was the pre-show preparations for the CDI, starting with the in-barn inspection in the morning and finiahing with the FEI jog. The boys schooled well today, a little more settled in their work and ready to go. Majek was in a busy, pissy mood when we arrived in the morning so I got him out as soon as I could.

The CDI short tour (Prix St. Georges and Intermediare I) is looking to be very competitive at this show, with 4 separate combinations currently in the top 15 in the National rankings. Victor and I are just outside the top 15 at 22nd. We are all separated by only a few percent. There aren't any real "big name riders" here (no one who has been to the Olympics or WEG), but several very talented younger professionals with nice quality horses and plenty of CDI experience. It will be an exciting show!!

My main goal for this show is to ride with more impulsion and "go for it" more in both tests, particularly in the Prix St. Georges. I tend to start a little conservative on the first day (which is always the PSG), and then the Intermediare I is always better because I'm more settled and comfortable with pushing more. But you can't get the really high marks doing that in this caliber of competition. Plus it sets a precedent I think for the second day and how the judges view you. I want to get out of that rut, so I am going to make more calculated risks. Majek is getting much, much better on the double, so he tolerates more pressure now. Victor is pretty solid, so I just have to have more confidence to really go for it.

The thunderstorms held off this afternoon for the jog, thankfully. We didn't need a light-show replay of yesterday!! Both horses passed with flying colors and are ready to go for tomorrow. Victor goes at 10:01am and Majek at 11:40. Perfect ride times, not too early, not too late. Relatively close together without being too close. Should be a great show tomorrow!

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