Monday, April 12, 2010

Golden State Dressage CDI3*

Just got home from the Golden State Dressage Festival yesterday, after a (thankfully) uneventful drive home. The weekend was fairly stressful amongst us Northwesterners, as the weather forecast was looking really bad for our drives home on Monday. Donner Pass (over the Sierra going east from Sacramento) was looking to get a boatload of snow (they were originally talking about a foot above 6000 feet). As one Portlander reminded me, "don't they eat people there when the weather is bad??!" Going north over Shasta wasn't looking much better, with winds forecasted to be sustained between 30-40 mph and gusts up to 60-70 mph. Then blowing snow. Ick! I left a day early (Sunday) as did many others, to avoid the storm.
The show went very well again, once again the young horse High Regard was a superstar, winning all his classes and scoring a 74.4 and a 75 in training level. He won the High Score award on Thursday for his 75. Escorial was on form all weekend, unfortunately I carried my whip into the CDI PSG and got a huge point deduction as a result. Despite the silly error on my part, the test otherwise was very clean and I managed to score 62% despite the severe point deduction. The CDI Intermediare I went much better, and we managed 5th with 64.7. The top five were very close together, with the winner Mette Rosencranz scoring just over 66%.
Charismatique also had a good show, he put in several very accurate and consistent tests. The judges are still after his stiffness issues, although we did manage a very good 67% on the last day in Third level test 1. It was an interesting test, as I rode it next to the indoor arena where the Awards Ceremony for the CDI Grand Prix Special was taking place. The announcer was blaring in the background, and during my extended walk, the blaring changed to the Canadian National anthem. Majek kept his cool and put in a very nice organized test.
Now I have a little time off before its back to work preparing for the local shows!

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