Saturday, April 3, 2010

Last Day of Festival of the Horse

With the CDI over, I just had a few rides on the young horses today. High Regard was the super star, he scored over 75 percent in training level test 3, including a 9 on the 20m circle right in trot. In his second test he was a bit spookier and not quite as "up", but still scored 72.8. I was really happy with him, he has been really great this week. I made sure to lunge him just a little before his tests each day, with young horses at their first show it is generally a good policy. I prefer to err on the too-careful side. Overall he handled the environment very, very well and presented well in his tests.
Majek wasn't quite as good today as he has been, I tried to deal with some of his stiffness problems in the warm-up and mostly succeeded in making him more stiff. I did have some good elements to the test, but several mistakes including a missed flying change and wrong lead on the canter depart. He finished with a 59 percent, which was a bummer. I have a tough time to get him as supple as I'd like him without getting him more tense and bottled up. I'll have to think about how to improve that.
I'm staying here in Burbank through Easter Sunday, then I'll drive up to Rancho Murieta for the next show on Monday. Hopefully the weather continues to hold up!

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