Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dressage at DevonWood a Success!

Just got back from the Dressage at DevonWood show, it was a great show all the way around! Despite the heat (especially on Saturday, uugh!), the horses went very well. The young horse High Regard owned by Ruth Anne Leibman won 3 of his 5 classes at Training and first level, including a high score of 73.333 from judge Hilda Gurney in First level test one. He was very well behaved, although a little impressed by the environment on the first day and spent some time in the warm-up arena leaping around. However he settled down very quickly and went right to work.
Majek (Charismatique) finally broke 70% in Third level for the first time in his career, a feat which earned him the Show Open High Score Award at Third/Fourth level. Majek finally learned how to canter! Who thought that would ever happen??
I also rode the mare Lauralei, owned by Nancy Hamilton, in several classes at Fourth level test 3. She won one class with 65% and was second in another with 66%. She earned an "8" on both the three and four tempis in the last test. Not bad, considering I haven't ridden her in 2 months! Overall she was quite good, although she still has her silly antics about the other horses in the warm-up arena. Nancy calls them her "darts" and although they are still there, they are much more ridable than they used to be. Now she generally goes in some sort of forward direction instead of stopping and spinning and leaping. Much easier to stay in the saddle that way! Nancy has done a super job with her over the past couple of months.
My students Paige and Ashley also had a good show with some good rides at Second level. Furthermore they both make excellent little show slaves. :)
Next up, the Boise River Dressage show this weekend at the Idaho Center...plan on it being a scorcher...

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  1. Congratulations on all your success. I was out there on Friday but didn't make it back for Saturday. I was kicking myself after I heard how wonderful the musical freestyle rides were. Did you happen to do any of those? I think you rode our horse Baythoven a few weeks ago. Sarah told me he was quite the rodeo pony at the jr/young rider clinic. He is not usually such a brat. We had Mark Depaolo come out to see him the following week and do some chiropractic work on him. Mark also put him on some supplement for ulcers because of the way he was behaving. He's doing better now and will be showing at the Region IV sporthorse regionals in August. Sorry he was such a pain when you saw him.