Monday, August 2, 2010

Aftermath of the Eagle Range Fire

Before the dressage show last weekend, I wandered up to the Eagle foothills and took some pictures of the scorched earth. We had a huge (and scary) range fire here last Wednesday afternoon. The fire was initially started by a dry lightning strike ten miles or so from our barn and the ever-ready fire department had their resources on it immediately. It looked to be under control, and heading west (away from our barn), when the winds picked up significantly and changed direction. Before you knew it, most of the Eagle foothills were on fire and everyone was in a panic. I spent much of that afternoon panicking about our barn and horses, punctuated by panicking about my friends' homes and their animals.

Luckily, everyone stayed safe. But it was a pretty dramatic few hours!

When all was said and done, the fire had consumed over 6000+ acres and burned 3 homes to the ground. It was truly amazing to go up to the foothills, and see how many homes survived. Each home looks like a little oasis in a sea of blackened earth.

These photos are just a sample of the pictures I took, I have more photos uploaded on my facebook page.