Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Successful Regional Championships wraps up show year!!

NO RAIN at Regionals this year!! Summer hung around for the USDF Region 6 Championships, held in late September this year in our backyard (Nampa, ID). Temperatures even topped 90 degrees. Thank goodness, this show is notorious for crappy weather no matter where it is held.
The show itself went very well for all of us. Everyone had a great show and we came home with multiple championships and reserves. Of special note student Paige Haas was Reserve Champion NW Third level Jr/YR and rode both Junior tests for practice, scoring mid-60s! Student Beth Harris won the NW Third level Adult Amateur Championship, and a Reserve and Championship in the Third level Musical Freestyle. Congrats!!
Of my own horses, Charismatique and Victor, battled it out in each class they were entered (the open PSG), and depending on the day, one or the other emerged victorious. The fabulous Victor is finally back on top form after his long lay-up, the first two days he was untouchable with 69+% and 71+% in his two PSG classes. Super expression and flair, combined with precise execution, however, his pirouettes still need work and the engagement needs to be more solid for next year. The bratty younger brother, Charismatique, an 8 year old in his first year at PSG, put in 3 very solid tests, scoring from 65 to 68%. What Victor has in flair and expression when he's on, Majek makes up in consistency and energy. By day 3, Victor was tired and his test showed it, whereas Majek was still just as active and energetic as the first day.
After all was said and done, Victor won the Northwest Open PSG Championship and Majek won the GAIG/USDF Open PSG Championship!
Escorial sat this one out, and is working hard at home to learn the I-2/GP movements. The one-tempis are solid (we can even do them on curved lines and sometimes in a really big canter), but the piaffe/passage still needs work.
Lots to do for next year! Time to rest and then train for the upcoming season.

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