Monday, March 19, 2012

T minus 6

Gearing up for the big trip south, leaving in just under a week. I'm less stressed about this trip than I have been in the past, but that's probably because I've made the drive many times now and know more or less what to expect. This year I will be overnighting (normally I drive straight through to Burbank, 15 hours in one day, bleeeeech!!). Festival of the Horse is in San Juan Capistrano this year, which is a little bit further away (and through Los Angeles). So, since I hate the super long drive anyway, I decided to split it up for the first time. Mom and I will be staying at the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop, CA, (home of Mule Days) on Sunday evening.
Now is just a matter of getting all the details squared away. Horses are all body-clipped and ready to go, I got health certificates/coggins from my vet, FEI passports all up to date, got directions to various show facilities, some very cool stall cards are made, ball-bearings repacked in the horse trailer, oil change and general check-up for the truck, etc. I always check the tire pressure in both truck and trailer (including the spares) a couple of days before I leave, and I also check the oil level in the truck.
I made a list of things I need to bring or to do; that helps keep me organized. I hate to get down there and forget something important!
The horses will continue to get worked this week, I keep everything pretty much the same work-wise. I plan on running through my freestyle with Monkey again this week (since I haven't ridden it since last June), to make sure everything works with his new-found super trot. Majek is getting better about the double, still not very happy and a little touchy, but accepting it better than he was. Victor is also going well, we've been working on the pirouettes a bit, trying to get them cleaned up somewhat. His changes have started to come together again (they were a little crooked and bracing for a while) and he's been spunky as heck in turnout and warming up, which is great!
Saturday I'll work the guys in the morning relatively lightly, get everything loaded up, then pick up Mom at the airport in the evening. Then we leave early Sunday morning!! I'm keeping an eye on the weather report; that's always another stressor for me. So far looks like it will start to clear up around here towards the end of the week and through the weekend. Hopefully it will be clear for my drive (particularly through Idaho and Northern Nevada, those are always the places I worry about most).

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