Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thursday update!

Getting closer to leaving! Rode Majek today on snaffle, the connection is so much easier and more confident than on the double. I think I'll try a couple of different doubles on him in the next few days and see if I can find something that works better. I'm starting to regret entering him in the CDI; the Intermediare I will be hard enough for us in the snaffle, much less adding the double to the mix (he's never done one in competition before). Oh well, we'll just have to make it work the best we can.
Victor was a super star yesterday; it was snowing sideways and windy, blowing into the indoor, which made him super fiesty and expressive. Pirouettes are getting better, trot was phenomenal. Victor (V-man, as he is affectionately known) has also never done an Intermediare I in competition.
Victor and Monkey had the day off today, mostly to try and save my body. My back and left hip have been on-again-off-again bothering me, so I've been trying to plan my rides to keep things as easy as possible on me physically. Every morning I do a series of stretches for my back and hips, which tend to get really tight and sore, that has been keeping me functional. The two of them were nutcases in turn-out today, which is generally a good levels are high with lots of reserves!
I have quite a lot of volunteer help this year with tack cleaning, organizing, and packing for Friday/Saturday which sure is nice! Last year it was a one-woman job (namely me), and since my body hates me it will be a huge help. Thanks guys!
Ride times are out for Festival of the Horse; of course I'm the only one with three horses in the CDI PSG/I-1 (and the only one with multiple horses). Ride times will be determined by a draw the night before the actual competition, so I only know a general time-frame at this point. Both PSG and I-1 are between 8 and 11am on Friday and Saturday, respectively, which means time for afternoon naps and/or runs to California Adventure.
Mom gets in Saturday at 2:15pm. I'm planning on leaving early Sunday, although not super early, since I only have to drive to Bishop (11 hours). Weather is looking good, today it got up to 65 degrees and was very dry. I think that is supposed to hold through the rest of the week and weekend, which will be great for the drive.

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