Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last day at Festival of the Horse

Today was the last show day at the CDI San Juan Capistrano. Many of the dressage riders have already left; in particular the CDI riders mostly only show Friday and Saturday (those are the days of the qualifying classes). The CDI freestyles were quite small today, with only three horses in the Intermediare I freestyle.

Monk warmed up much more energetic and active today than yesterday. It had rained quite a bit last night, the stalls were quite wet right in front of the doors and there was water and mud everywhere. As a result, the warm-up was also a bit muddy. But Monk was undeterred. The test itself went quite well: very active, no mistakes, and pretty well coordinated with the music. I scored 68.58 percent, with one judge scoring me over 70. We placed 2nd out of the 3 horses entered in the class, so I got a ribbon for the first time this weekend!

The other two had the day off, they just got hand-walked or lightly lunged. It was super busy around the stabling area with a bunch of people leaving, so it wasn't very conducive to handwalking.

The weather was much better today than yesterday, the sun was out most of the day. I hate coming to Southern California and having cloudy skies and rain. Ick! Tomorrow Mom and I drive to the next show in Rancho Murieta, outside of Sacramento. Evidently it has been raining quite a bit up in that area, so hopefully the weather will start to clear up for our show next weekend. We got most everything packed up and are pretty much ready to leave tomorrow. We'll probably be leaving around 8:30 in an attempt to avoid LA traffic.

Internet access can be more difficult for me in Rancho Murieta, I will do what I can to continue updating my blog.

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