Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Overview of CDI Rancho Murieta

I'm back home, after a relatively easy drive from the Sacramento area on Easter Sunday. The weather agreed with us, it was probably 60+ degrees the entire way (including over Donner Pass, at 7200+ elevation!). I was relieved to be home, particularly since the weather was actually quite nice when we got home (7o degrees or so).
Overall, the show at Rancho Murieta went quite well. Majek was absolutely consistent, 63-64 percent each time out. He was probably the most solid of the 3 horses over the two weeks, coming out consistently every time. Monkey was a little disappointing in Murieta; although he scored the highest of the three he wasn't really on his game like he was in San Juan. At home we've been able to get him much more uphill and engaged, and I just was unable to get that feeling in Rancho. He scored very well, and placed 3rd in both the PSG and I-1, but I wasn't really thrilled with how his tests went.
Victor went very well in the PSG at Rancho (even though I bungled the first canter pirouette), and ended up with a 64+ % to tie for 5th. I unfortunately overrode him a little for the Intermediare I. He was super powered up in the trot work, but was a little too difficult in the reins and that caused problems in the canter work. So we had some mistakes and ended up with a 60%. It was kind of too bad, although I didn't get one comment on his hind legs from any of the judges, which was great!
The next shows are local, we have a schooling show here the first week in May, which I'll probably ride young horses at. The next big recognized show is the third week in May. That's going to be a busy one!

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