Saturday, March 15, 2014

Made it to Southern California!

Lana and I had a SUPER easy drive to Southern California this time. Sunny, clear, and temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees the entire way. I decided to split up the trip this time, as the prospect of driving 15 hours straight is never appealing and gets less and less appealing each time I do it. So after our first leg of about 11 hours, we overnighted in Bishop, a cute little resort town situated in a valley at the base of the Sierra Nevada. I stayed in the trailer near the horses and got Lana a hotel room. It was cold overnight (mid to upper 30s) but I had anticipated that and brought 6 or 7 blankets, so I stayed pretty warm.

After yesterday's final 4 hour drive, we arrived in the early afternoon and today we handwalked the boys twice so they could settle in and stretch their legs. The boys both traveled very well and settled in relatively quickly to their temporary digs here in Chino Hills, where we will be staying until we travel to the San Juan showgrounds later next week.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be taking some lessons from Leslie Reid. I'm looking forward to getting the help from such an experienced top-level trainer and Olympic competitor, whom I'd admired for many years! The boys have a lot of energy from being pent-up for several days (despite the travel being a little tiring), so hopefully they behave themselves!

Today it almost made 90 degrees here and I think it's supposed to be about the same tomorrow. I'm trying not to complain about it being too hot, especially coming out of our Northwest winter!

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