Friday, April 26, 2013

CDI PSG in Del Mar

Really good day today in Del Mar.  Both Majek and Victor did the CDI PSG.  Majek kicked off the fun as second to go in the (very large) PSG class.  He warmed up very well, and has been getting better and better in the connection which has helped him tolerate the double bridle.  I got him very up and active by the end of the warm-up, although I (expectedly) lost some of that in the test.  I also had a couple small mistakes in an otherwise very nice test (trotted into first halt, small rhythm bobble in first extension, tension before canter depart, pirouettes a bit large, mistake in the 3s).  I was happy with the pirouettes, which were definitely more elastic and ridable, and the 4s were fantastic--big, forward, uphill, and dead straight.  In general he tolerates contact on the double much better now, so I can ride with much more confidence than before.  I remember last year in San Juan Capistrano I rode the tests without touching the reins, because he was sooo defensive!  So he is much improved.  I plan to do the same warm-up for tomorrow, and see if I can push the engagement a little bit more.  I expected to get an ok score, probably 62 or so, with all the mistakes, but was pleasantly surprised to finish with a 64.8 and 9th place overall.
Victor warmed up very, very well, lots more forward and pizazz than he had the schooling day.  I really tried to go for it in the test, and I was very happy with how well he went and how well he responded.  The trot work was very nice, very expressive, active, and ground covering.  I tried to watch his hind legs (which he likes to drag behind him), and keep him quick behind.  I did have some issues with the canter, as I didn't really get it uphill and jumping enough so the canter and therefore the changes were a little flat.  I did ride the pirouettes much better on Victor than on Majek (much smaller and therefore much more risky).  Christine watched it and told Lana that I rode the test very well but that the canter needed to be more uphill and out of the shoulder.  I was disappointed with his score of 65.2, I was really hoping to end up with a 67 or so, but it was not to be.  We finished 7th overall. 
The winner scored 68%, and there were a couple 67s and a 66.  Then several 65s.  So both my horses were right in there, and I'm super pleased with that.
Bolero warmed up much, much better for his test today than yesterday.  He was much more relaxed and ridable, and not trying to leap in the air whenever a horse trotted by him LOL.  I was really pleased with how he felt, and happy that I felt like I could ride him instead of being worried about being launched.  However, he was scared to death of the show arena and spent my entire test spooking, spinning, and whirling around and every little everything LOL.  Someone needs to spend the entire summer going from arena to arena learning to deal with changes in the environment.  He scored 62 in second level 2.
I scratched Bolero's test 8am test tomorrow, and willl school him later in the morning.  The FEI horses go at almost 2 and 4pm in the Intermediare I.  Looking forward to putting in some good rides in the CDI again tomorrow!! 

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