Sunday, April 21, 2013

Visit to Balboa Park

Today was another rest day for everyone, the boys all got handwalked and another day to relax and get geared up for the coming week.  They are definitely more rested than they were yesterday; I think the two days off have been very good for them.  I'm sure they'll be very happy to get back to work tomorrow!
Lana and I spent the afternoon in San Diego at Balboa Park, a huge (1,500 acre) park that includes the San Diego Zoo and multiple museums and other attractions.  There was some sort of Earth Day celebration going on today, so there were just a ton of vendors and people in the park.  The sheer numbers of people were a little overwhelming.  We visited the San Diego Museum of Art, which had a few nice pieces, and the Natural History museum.  I had hoped to see some dinosaur fossils, but had to be content with a sabre tooth tiger fossil from the La Brea tar pits, which was a neat alternative.  Afterwards we wandered through the Rose Garden and also saw a ton of cacti and succulents in the nearby gardens.  I've always wanted to try growing succulents, but I worry that I will kill them!
Ride times are finally up for the show on  The CDI short tour (PSG/I-1) is relatively large, with probably 15 horses entered.  I won't know the CDI times until the draw (which typically happens the night before the class).  However I will be competing against my old friend Monkey (aka Escorial), whom David has entered in the CDI short tour.  It will be good to see Monk again, although I'm not too enthusiastic to have to compete against him!!
Tomorrow the boys will go back to work again, and I have another couple of lessons with Christine in the afternoon.  Then Tuesday will likely be a day of schooling at home (unless I try to squeeze in another couple of lessons from Christine, depending on her schedule).  Wednesday morning we will trailer the boys over to the Fairgrounds, and the show starts on Thursday for Bolero and Friday for Majek and Victor.

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