Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Move in day at Del Mar National!

Today we took the boys over to the Del Mar Fairgrounds/Racetrack to settle in before the show starts.  The weather has cooled off a bit, it was overcast all day and in the low 60s.  The nice thing about the weather here is that it never really gets too cold or too hot!  The marine influence from the ocean (you can see the ocean from the Fairgrounds) keeps it very temperate.  It did feel a little cool, but I'm not complaining as I know Boise is much, much cooler right now (at least at night).
There are tons and tons of stalls here.  It is truly amazing to drive down the aisle through the barns towards the horse trailer storage area, literally you go from barn A to barn U in alphabetical order.  There are barns on both sides of the aisle.  I remember reading that during the fires in San Diego some years ago, they had filled every stall with evacuated horses, which was probably a few thousand.  Luckily for us, being located in the CDI barn, we are right next to the CDI warm-up arena and the show arenas.  Others have a longer walk.
For some reason, Majek's left hind leg was swollen when we arrived.  I hadn't noticed it when I loaded him in the trailer, but he felt fine to ride and the swelling went down after I rode him.  He was very settled in the arenas and surprisingly focused and relaxed.  They were even putting big black tarps around the judges' stands while I was riding, and he hardly even noticed.  Victor was a little more wound up, but that is actually good for him anyways as he can be a little lazy in general.  I lunged Bolero for a while, he was pretty wild on the lunge line which was to be expected.  He was pretty good to ride, and actually less spooky than he was at Seabreeze Farm.
Unfortunately I found out Monkey has an abscess so he won't be competing this weekend.  Bummer!!  I was looking forward to seeing him at the show (although not looking forward to having him in my classes LOL).
Tomorrow is the FEI jog for Majek and Victor, and Bolero is supposed to show at 2:36pm.  I still don't know when the jog is, but it is normally in the mid to late afternoon.  Hopefully it will be after Bolero's ride, which will make my life much easier.  We have some prep work in the morning, between riding the boys and then getting them all prettied-up for the jog.  Looking forward to tomorrow!!

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