Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The FEI jog for Intermediare horses

First we showed up to Monk's flooded stall this morning.  It rained quite a bit last night, and the way the stalls are situated (on a hillside) and where Monk was located, meant that he was standing in a bunch of water.  Luckily he had enough shavings to keep him above the water (mostly, although he had charmingly dug a hole in one corner that was water-filled).  We were able to move him to the neighboring stall, which had formerly been the tack stall for a couple of the juniors.  The Juniors still hadn't left yet (they were waiting for some Paralympic riders who were sharing the same truck), but we managed to convince them to move their stuff and let us move Monkey. 
I rode later in the morning and got him in the main arena again today.  Much better weather today, dry and relatively cool (70s or so) with a light breeze.  He was very good again, trying to outdo those fancy GP horses warming up next to him LOL. 
The jog was at 3, and was relatively uneventful.  They held the jog in the main arena after they rolled the heck out of it with a roller (last weekend it was on the hard ground next to the indoor).  It was good to get in the arena with the huge scoreboard, which had spent the last few days at the Paralympics, so Monk hadn't seen it yet.  It is huge, and has large shifting lights on it (a score, a horse's name, the USEF logo, etc), and it makes a funny buzzing noise.  Monk seemed pretty uninterested in it.  He trotted just fine for the jog and passed with no trouble.  I think everyone passed without a problem.
I ride the PSG tomorrow at 12:23pm eastern time.  The class starts at 10am, and I'm the third to the last rider.  The PSG is actually the toughest test for the two of us, being on the cusp of GP I think it gives him a little too much time to think now.  My goal is mostly to get him a little more uphill in the trot work.  I also want to ride the changes clean, as that has been an issue lately (he loves to throw in one-times).  So we'll see how it goes.  It's an accomplishment just to be in the arena competing!

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  1. I'll be checking out in hopes to be able to see your ride. I'm glad the weather is better. The forecast is good for when you ride - let's hope that's true. Best of Luck and enjoy your ride!