Saturday, June 16, 2012

Much improved ride in I-1

Today was the first full day at the show, starting with the GP special, then the first round of the Brentina Cup, and finishing with the I-1.  The GP special class was very good, although most of the horses and riders looked a little less inspired than yesterday.  Steffen managed to edge out Tina Konyot today with a beautiful piaffe/passage tour that made up for some small mistakes in the tempi changes.  Adrienne moved up in the standings with a very nice ride on Wizard, and Heather and Paragon also had a much improved ride.  Looks like the team is Steffen, Tina, Jan Ebeling, and Adrienne (the US gets to send one individual rider in addition to a team of 3 riders).  Todd and Otto look to be the alternates. 
I didn't get to watch the Brentina Cup rides, as I was getting ready for my I-1 test.  The scores were quite good, however, with a couple of riders breaking 70 and several others in the mid to high 60s. 
I was the first to go in the I-1 at 2:15pm.  I was a little more motivated and tough in the warm-up, to get Monk more active and uphill.  The warm-up felt a little rough, but I smoothed it out for the test.  The test itself was quite nice, everything looked more balanced and organized than the PSG, with the exception of my first pirouette which I bungled.  I ended up with a 67.816%, which I was very happy with.
The nice thing about going first in the class is that then you can watch the rest of the class.  There were a bunch of good horses in the class and several really super rides.  I was very impressed with David Blake and Royal Prinz and Mette Rosencranz and her horse (who's name I can't spell).  Both rides were very well balanced, active, uphill, and supple throughout (in addition to being mistake free).  Their scores were well deserved.  Some of the others I was a little less enthusiastic about, although they still scored relatively high.  But it wouldn't be a dressage show if you didn't disagree with the judging!
Tomorrow I'm first to go again in the I-1 freestyle at 10:30am.  It'll be fun to ride my freestyle in that arena, I think it will be great!  I plan to have a similar warm-up for tomorrow, and I'll have to deal with that left pirouette issue in the warm-up as well.  Monk's been a super star, so I just want to have another good, solid ride.  Then Lana and I will get everything packed up so we can leave bright and early Monday morning!

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  1. I got to watch your ride live on the useflive website and you 2 looked great! I don't know if they will broadcast the freestyles. I hope they do because it's the best part. :-) Good luck and have a fabulous fun ride!

    Take care & have a safe trip back,