Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wet day today in Gladstone!

The weather here is just wacky!  A few days ago it was almost 90 and high humidity, Lana and I were laying around in our chairs dying in the heat.  Today it rained all day, poured at times, although it stayed relatively warm.  I really wanted to get Monk in the main arena again (as he was a little tense in there yesterday), luckily for me it coincided with one of our significant rainstorms!  Monk and I were totally soaked by the end.  He was a trouper though, and trucked right through it like it was no big deal.  I rode him bigger and more forward today, and it helped his activity level and engagement.  Now I just have to try and slow him down without losing that.  Always trying to make things better!
In the morning Lana and I watched fellow Northwesterner Erin Alberta ride her Paralympic Individual test.  Unfortunately Rocco was overly impressed by the environment and got behind the leg.  Erin worked through it. and has kept a super attitude about this setback.  The Paralympic riders were inspiring to watch!
Tomorrow is the jog (3pm).  So I have to ride in the morning, then get both of us ready for the jog.  There's also a rider meeting at 11am.  So getting busy!  No more laying around in our lounge chairs.  We'll know ride times for Thursday (psg) by tomorrow evening.

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  1. Hi Heather - I forwarded an email to you from Independent News. They would like to do an article. I hope you can access your email. Take a look and get back to me soon.