Friday, June 15, 2012

Riders set the bar high in today's GP

Today's GP class was absolutely unbelievable, with every combination coming in and putting forth absolute top effort!  It was really interesting to watch the improvement from last weekend, where each competitor rode very conservative and looked slightly petrified to ride in their first GP in the Olympic trials.  They have steadily improved over the 3 tests, and today set a huge standard for GP in this country.  Many of the tests were not only clean, but the horses were so much more uphill, cadenced, and active throughout than they were last weekend.  It was very exciting to watch!  Tina and Calecto had a fantastic ride, starting with a gorgeous first halt that earned her multiple 9s and a 10.   The entire test showed suppleness, activity, lightness, and power.  Calecto really tries his heart out for her.  She deserved her 80% and the win!
I rode Monk, trying to channel the GP rider's power and verve, and he went very well.  Tomorrow I hope to ride with more power and expression, even if I make a mistake or two.  The weather has continued to be perfect, in the upper 70s to low 80s with some clouds and relatively low humidity.  We've been very lucky in the weather department!
I'm starting to put together my return trip (that wasn't high on the priority list until recently).  Looks like the truck comes to pick up Monk and I bright and early on Monday morning at 5am.  We travel to Allentown, Pennsylvania, where we get on the plane for Ontario.  We are scheduled to arrive in Ontario at 1:30pm, and I have arranged to have the very awesome Amanda Barr-Olson from W Farms come pick us up.  After getting Monk settled at W Farms, I have to pick up Lana at LAX (she arrives at the greatest time, 4:30pm, right during rush hour!).  Then I think we'll stay a day in Chino Hills before driving home to Boise.  I think I'm going to be exhausted Monday evening!

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