Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally home!!

After a grueling 15 hour drive yesterday I'm finally home back in Boise (or more specifically, Eagle), Idaho.  Lana and I drove straight through; it is always a tough drive but it doesn't really matter if you lay over or not...its still tough!  We got into Eagle at about 1am, after having left W Farms at 7am.  The drive was relatively cool (although hot in the Mojave desert, which we thankfully traversed early in the morning). 
I made the difficult decision to leave Monkey at W Farms and put him up for sale.  I've been thinking about this for a while, so those of you who know me know that this isn't a new development.  He's 14 this year, and coming off of a successful showing at the Festival of Champions (FOC) means this is good timing to sell him.  I'd really rather not, as I'd love to do the GP on him, but in the end I think the timing to sell him is really good.  I was very impressed with David and Alisa Wilson and Amanda Barr-Olson and their facillity, and think they will do a good job finding him an excellent home where he can teach someone all that he knows and be spoiled rotten (certainly more than I spoil him!!). 
This certainly isn't the end of my high performance career.  I've got several superstars in the wings that will be competitive for next year's FOC.  Rumor has it FOC will be in CA next year, and I'll for sure be ready. :)

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