Monday, June 4, 2012

Rest day in Chino Hills

Today was a nice rest day here in Chino Hills for all of us.  After yesterday a rest day or two is necessary!  We slept very well, of course after a 15-16 hour drive you generally sleep pretty well.  Normally I feel like I have a major hangover after such a long drive, but thankfully not so much this time. 
We took Monk out a couple of times during the day and hand-walked him around to stretch his legs and get him moving.  He looked good, pretty settled in and not too anxious.  He is a little dehydrated, which is unsurprising given the long drive and hot temperatures yesterday.  He's eating hay and his grain pretty well (although he didn't eat much of his beet pulp).  Tomorrow I think I will ride him lightly in the morning to get him out and stretch his legs.  I will probably also give him a mash of equine senior to try and get some more water into him.  He's a little finicky about what he'll eat (can't put too much water in it or he won't touch it), so I have to find the magic mixture of enough senior with enough additional water.
We spent some time this morning watching the training sessions with David and Alisa Wilson at W Farms, which were very nice to watch.  Good riding and nice horses!  Additionally I met up with a horse I've known from years ago at Sonnenberg Farm, the Dutch mare Sarrington whom Brooke Voldbaek showed for several years.  She's currently boarding at W Farms with her amateur owner.  It was fun to see a horse from the past; I'm continually amazed at how small the horse world is.
We spent the early afternoon relaxing at the hotel, then ran a few errands later in the day.  At this point it looks like Lana is flying separate from me and the horses (unfortunately), so I will drive her to LAX tomorrow evening so she can catch an early flight on Wednesday from LAX to Newark.  I also have a call into Hubbard Horse Transport to figure out the situation for Wednesday morning...would be nice to know when the truck is going to be at W Farms??  I know they're coming to pick up Erin's horse Rocco, and I know we have to be at the Ontario Airport with horses at 3:30am...
This whole adventure has been a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of deal, and continues to be one.  We shall see what tomorrow brings!

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