Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trip to Gladstone tomorrow!!

I dropped Lana off at LAX this afternoon, as she was unable to get a spot on the charter flight with Monkey and I.  Almost 2 hours later, I was back at the barn (you've gotta love LA traffic).  Monk was definitely more settled today, I rode him this morning which seemed to help him calm down some and feel more at home.  I finalized my packing for the trip; I tried to condense everything down to bare essentials, to minimize the amount of stuff I have to tote across the country. 
The flight leaves tomorrow at 5am, which means we have to be at the airport in Ontario with horses at 3:30am.  Which means Hubbard horse transport is going to be at W Farms to pick up Monk and Rocco (the horse Erin is riding) at 2:30am.  Which means I have to be awake to pack and get going at 1:30 or so.  I set my alarm for 1:15am.  Ick!!
The flight is to arrive in Farmingdale, NY, at some cargo/military airport around 3pm (eastern time) or so.  From there, Monk and Rocco will be trucked to Gladstone (Monk going directly to the show grounds, Rocco going to a nearby farm for a few days).  ETA for arrival at Gladstone is around 5, depending on traffic, which can be hideous on Long Island.
I had a last minute panic about food, I realized that this is a charter flight for horses, not a commercial flight for people, so I figured they probably wouldn't have any kind of food or beverage service on the plane.  Combine that with the two trucking trips (somehow I think they won't stop at Subway for me), and I ran to Albertson's this evening and picked up a bunch of snacks and a couple bottles of water. 
I also proceeded to panic about hay, as I don't know if they'll provide hay on the trucks and plane or if I should.  Or if Monk will like the hay they have.  I am bringing one of my bales of pressed alfalfa (it fit very neatly into one of my rubbermaid containers), so at least I'll have some of that for him.  Alfalfa is evidently hard to come by in New Jersey.   I'll probably end up bringing some of my grass hay in the morning for him.  Although he probably won't eat that either.
He's still a little dehydrated, so I'm worried about what he's going to look like when he gets to Gladstone.  I did give him a senior/beet pulp mash this afternoon/evening, which he ate pretty well, but I can't make it very watery or he won't eat it at all.  He's very picky about that.

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